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 Twilight Camp Activity Prep
Thanks for being a Caddie at Twilight Camp 2020!  Below is a list of planned activities.  We need a Video and Instruction Steps for each.  Click the green sign-up button to sign up to record a video or write step-by-step instructions.  In the activity list click "Video Done" or "Steps Done" to see the completed video/instruction steps for that activity.  We need to complete all videos and instructions by July 12th.
  • Once you sign up, we'll contact you via txt or email with next steps
  • Please don't share this page with campers - it's a work in progress
  • As each video or instruction page is completed, we'll link to it in the table below
  • Some of the activities have examples of instructions or videos to help you get started
  • Once you record a video, share to Nick at or 612.865.9657

Twilight Camp 2020 Activities
Indoor CampoutNeed Video
Need Steps
Demonstrate how to build a sheet/pillow fort, set up a bunk, and "camp" indoors.
Nature BingoNeed Video
Steps Done
Show the Nature Bingo sheet in the packet, then head outside and show how to start looking for things.
Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle CourseNeed Video
Need Steps
Make and then go through an obstacle course.  This will need some fun energy in the video.
Sidewalk Chalk ArtVideo: Ella F
Need Steps
This is good if you have a sibling or pet - make something fun w/sidewalk chalk that includes yourself, a pet, or a family member.  Time lapse video might be fun for this one?  Example here:
Cloud GazingVideo: Ella F
Steps Done
Head outside, put down a towel or blanket, and look for shapes in the clouds.
Friendship BraceletVideo & Steps: Josie V.Show how to braid a friendship bracelet
Friendship PinNeed Video
Need Steps
Show how to make a swap with safety pins and beads completed in a bead pattern.  This example is an example, but we're using tri-beads:
GS Law SwapNeed Video
Need Steps
Show how to make a Girl Scout Law swap.  This link is an example is similar, but we're using tri-beads:
Leaf Rubbing ArtNeed Video
Need Steps
Show how to pick a few leaves and make leaf rubbing art with a paper and pencil
Micro CampfireNeed Video
Need Steps
Show how to make a pretend micro-campfire with a battery powered tealight and tissue paper and sticks or construction paper.
Paper ChainNeed Video
Need Steps
Show how to make a paper chain - this is crazy simple, so you need a fun reason - decorate a room, countdown to a date.  They'll have paper and tape in the activity kit.  Very easy example here:
Pet RockNeed Video
Need Steps
Show how to make and care for a "pet rock".  This was a crazy fad in the 70's.  Our kit is simple - find a rock and stick some googly eyes on it.  But they you can get silly showing your rock taking part in different activities
Spiral ArtNeed Video
Need Steps
 Show how to make spiral art.  You'll have to experiment to find some interesting patterns, then demonstrate how to use the kit
Butterfly FeederNeed Video
Need Steps
Show how to decorate a plastic plate w/stickers, then arrange rocks, water and fruit to attract butterflies.  This link is example, but we aren't hanging them, and we'll have a Cutie orange in the activity kit to cut up:
Egg DropNeed Video
Need Step
Marble MazeNeed Video
Steps Done
Show how to make a marble maze with a plate, paper, Wiki Stix, and drawing.
Flower Pot Jocelyn VShow how to decorate a little plastic pot, plant, and water a small pot of Zinnia flowers.  We'll have a black Sharpie in the kit; girls may have other colors, and you'll show how to add soil and plant seeds.
Slushee in a BagNeed Video
Steps Done
Show the classic "ice cream in a bag" technique using a juice pouch.  Demonstrate the cold effect using an included color changing cup.  The example is for ice cream but we'll use a juice pouch for ease of transport and allergies
Solar OvenNeed Video
Need Steps
Make a Solar Oven using aluminum foil, a box, and plastic wrap.  Melt a marshmallow or chocolate for a s'more or
Crossword PuzzleNeed Video
Steps Done
Complete a crossword puzzle in a quiet moment indoors
Treasure MazeNeed Video
Steps Done
Complete a Maze in a quiet moment indoors
Word SearchNeed Video
Steps Done
Complete a Word Find in a quiet moment indoors

How to Make and Submit an Activity Video

Overview of 2020 Caddie Opportunities

What will Caddies do for "Twilight at Home"?
There are five ways you can help!
  1. Write Program Activity Instructions - Write up step-by-step instructions for one of the pre-selected games/crafts/activities.  We'll include an instruction page in the printed activity packet for each activity.
  2. Make a Program Activity Videos - We'd like to have short videos of each activity so girls working from home can see how to do them, and make a connection with you ("hey, that's my Caddie!").  They can be recorded on any app and sent to the Older Girl team.  We'll likely release them each day onto the camp website, as a link to an unlisted YouTube video
  3. Program Activity Submissions - If you have an idea for an activity, we'd like to include it.  It doesn't need to be something that requires craft supplies or prep.  It can be something we'll include in the printed packet, a video, or both.
  4. Activity Testing - We'd like to have people "test" each activity by following instructions and see if we left a step out; that will be the 2nd week in July
  5. Atta-Girls - We'll be asking Campers to send in photos, comments, or videos of what they do.  We want to ensure they get a shout-out for each.  We'd like a few Caddies to be ready to respond/compliment/comment as girls complete things to help celebrate their success.

Caddie Changes for Twilight Camp 2020
  • PAT Postponed - First-time Caddies usually take the four-hour Program Aide Training class before Twilight Camp.  This is postponed for this year.
  • Senior Caddies, Caddies, Assistant Caddies We won't have our traditional Caddie levels this year.  Older girls are expected to be a bit more self directed, while 7th graders may need some guidance.  But generally, we're all "Caddies" this year.
  • Older Girl Awards - It's unlikely we'll be able to earn the traditional leadership pins we've awarded in the past.  We're trying to determine an alternate leadership award.