Northern Skies Twilight Camp 2015
July 20-23 2014

SUNDAY JULY 19, 2015

Camp Starts Tomorrow

Monday Schedule


Units 1-4/SC 1&2

Units 5-9



Site 5


Site 3

Closing Ceremony Songs

Unit 7, 8, 9

Opening Flag – Unit 9

Closing Flag – Unit 9

  • Volunteer training SUNDAY at 12:30pm-1:30pm at Lake Minnewashta Regional Park at Site 5 (the main pavilion).
    • Training is also online at and click on the Volunteer Training tab
    • Training is required for new volunteers and optional for returning volunteers
  • Camp set up starts at 3pm.  Volunteers, please report to Site 5 (the main pavilion) wearing comfortable clothes that are OK if they get a bit sweaty and dirty.  Hammers, work gloves, and can – do attitude are welcome.
  • Older girl training volunteers, please report to Site 5 (the main pavilion)
  • Coming in to the Park.  Stop at the gate and tell the gate keeper you are with Girl Scouts.  They will give you a pass - this pass is good for the entire week.
    • PLEASE watch your speed within the park.  Speed limits are enforced, and we have many children walking.  Cones are set up to limit traffic, please do not go around the cones. 
  • Campers can be brought to camp starting at 1:30pm on Monday.
    • Bring your camper/s to the ceremony circle in the field at Site 5.  You will check your child in with the Older Girl or adult volunteer for her unit.
    • Sibling care check in is at the Playground
    • Older girl (7th grade and up) check in is at Caddie corner.
    • Camper t-shirts and name tags are with their unit at ceremony circle
  • Volunteers need to sign in at the check in tables up at HQ at site 5.  Volunteer badges and t-shirts will be there when you check in.  Unit Guide (Chaperone) t-shirts will be with their unit at Ceremony Circle.  After check in – additional directions will be given to you including where to go, where to park, etc.  Site programming volunteers will report to their site and get additional information and training at that time.

  • Few helpful reminders:  First day check in is always stressful and chaotic.  Please be patient with us.  We will get your child where they need to be and get you where you need to be.  Issues will be addressed as soon as possible.  Don’t let bumps in the road get you down – we will resolve any issues as soon as possible.  Having a great time at camp is our priority.
  • Picking your children up early: If you have to get your child early, you will need to check in at HQ and we will find and bring your child to HQ.  Please bring ID so that we can confirm that you are authorized. Do NOT drive around camp looking for your child.  Unit Leadership WILL NOT release your child from the site.

HQ Phone:   612-419-5461

Confirmation Letters
You should have received a confirmation letter in email with detailed information on camp, including your unit assignment and what to bring.  Copies are posted below.

Campers - What to Bring
Ready for camp? Refer to your confirmation letter for a complete list of what to bring, camp procedures, and other information.  
 [  ] Bag supper each day
 [  ] Refillable water bottle
 [  ] Swimsuit (wear under clothes)
 [  ] Underwear (after swimming)
 [  ] Socks and closed-toe sturdy shoes
 [  ] Beach towel, Comb/brush
 [  ] Camp t-shirt (color-coded by unit, provided Monday)
 [  ] Rain gear! (camp is rain or shine)
 [  ] Sunscreen (apply before camp)
 [  ] Insect repellent (no aerosol sprays)
 [  ] Hat and/or sunglasses (optional)
 [  ] Bandana (optional)
 [  ] Water shoes/aqua socks (optional)
 [  ] Waterproof to "sit-upon"  (optional)

Adult Unit Guides - Additional Things to Bring
 [  ] Volunteer Training Manuals
 [  ] Daily Rotations, Schedules and Maps
 [  ] Unit Roster
 [  ] Pen
 [  ] Paper grocery bag (recyclables & garbage)
 [  ] Extra roll of toilet paper (in a zip-loc bag)
 [  ] A few extra large plastic garbage bags

At check in, find your daughter’s unit in the circle and sign her in.  If you don't know her unit, stop at HQ (the pavilion) and our staff can find that information for you.  In the evening, after the closing ceremonies, go BACK to the ceremony circle and sign her out. 

Typical Daily Schedule
Here's a typical day at Twilight Camp.  Order of activities will change each day, but drop-off and pick-up are always the same.  
        1:45 pm Check-In
        2:00 pm Opening
        2:15 pm Daily Activities
            Game and Snack
            Physical Activity
            (activity order will vary)
        7:00 pm Walk to Ceremony Circle
        7:15 pm Closing Ceremonies
        7:45 pm Camp Dismissed

What Unit is my Child In?
Did you forget what unit you are in?  We can help.  Either email us at or click here and search by your registration confirmation number that was sent to your email when you registered.   Or if you'd rather wait and like to live on the edge, just come to camp and we have a list and can help you get your camper where they need to go.