Twilight Camp T-Shirt and Patch Design Contest
Do you have an idea for the 2020 Twilight Camp T-Shirt or Patch?  Enter the 2020 Twilight Camp Patch Design Contest and design this year's camp logo!

The theme for Twilight Camp this year is Inspiring Women – famous women, alive or dead, who have done inspiring work in the fields of Art, Entertainment, Science, Health, Biology, Equality, and Justice.

This is an idea contest, not a drawing contest.  It’s fineif you just have an idea, the t-shirt/patch graphic artists will modify our designs to make them ready for embroidery and silk screening.

  1. Any registered Girl Scout is eligible to submit an entry
  2. You can enter an idea for the T-Shirt, Patch, or both; as many times as you want
  3. Copyrighted artwork may not be used
  4. Designs must incorporate “Twilight Camp", "2020", "Northern Skies" and "Inspiring Women"
  5. We may modify your final design to accommodate color, layout and production requirements.
  6. Entries are due Feb 8th
To enter, email your name, grade, and a picture of your design to  Entries must be received by Feb 8th.

T-Shirt Examples from Past Years
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