Older Girl Team
OG Team Assignments - Our to-do list for camp.  Start here!  Check here to see what you're signed up to do

Program Aide Training
This is the extra pre-camp session for Assistant Caddies.  There isn't a script for this one, Nick walks the girls through it using the packet.

Sunday Training July 23rd
Caddie training on the Sunday before camp.  Below is the full Caddie packet (you'll recognize this) and the training script for each leadership course.  The grades for each course are approximate - for example an 8th grader who couldn't Caddie last year will still take the Assistant Caddie class.  

Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Nick will bring a blank copy of the Opening/Closing Ceremony Templates each day.  Claire will fill out with any Camp Director and special announcements, and get to the MC girls for each ceremony.  Nick and Katie will set up the PA system.  For flags, Nick will have laminated copies, two of each ceremony.  We'll have two Units per ceremony.  Brooke and Jaclyn will make sure the caddies know their ceremony in advance so they can have their units practice

Song Book
Maran Wagner is our Song Leader 

Special Recognition

Thursday Night Campfire/Overnight