Thursday Update!
Last Day!
  • Campfire/Campout - Tonigjht, email if you haven't RSVP'd.
  • Sharpies - Will have a few more at Caddie Table for shirt signing (somone remind Nick if they aren't there)
  • Rain Today - Camp continues unless lightning and the thunder.  Who do you think you are, dreaming 'bout being a big star?
  • Activities: Keep Introducing Yourselves!  
    "Hi!  We’re Unit 12.  I'm Nick, these Caddies are Katie and Claire.  How can we help?"
Read to the bottom of this page - see you soon!

If you're camping out Thursday you need to sign up in advance to let Nick know if you're bringing a tent, using a Girl Scout tent (first come first served) and who you're tenting with.  Sign Up Here 

Tap the link below and save the image to your phone.  Please use the printed schedules in front of the campers.

TUE - Air - Site 3 (Units 5-9)
TUE - Fire - Site 5 (Units Units 1-4, SC)
WED - Earth - Site 3 (Units 1-4, SC)
THU Water - Site 5 (Unit 1-4, SC)

Older Girl Confirmation Letters
Confirmation letters for older girls were emailed out Monday July 6th. Below is a standard letter - if you lost your customized one or forgot which Unit you are in, please email

Campfire and Overnight
Planning on our campfire again on Thursday, followed by camping overnight.  

Older Girl Team
Nick Stillings, Older Girl Director,, 612.865.9657 (mobile)
Claire Roth, Older Girl Team,; (952) 217-0217 (mobile)
Katie Kennedy, Older Girl Team,, (952) 451-7037 (mobile)
Jaclyn Zirbes, Older Girl Team,, (612) 790-7343 (mobile)