Who's ready for Twilight at Home?!?  We're pulling together some thoughts and ideas to see if this is even possible! ]

Twilight at Home Goals
  1. Deliver a "remote day camp" experience for Girl Scout Campers and Caddies
  2. Ensure 2020 is a bridge year to 2021 for Twilight Camp (maintain continuity)
  3. Execute some kind of leadership experience for Caddies
  4. Help our respective service units maintain momentum across the summer

Possible Day at Camp:

12:30 pm    Inspirational Caddie huddle. Or a recorded video. Or YOLO check-in
1:00 pmOpening Ceremonies
1:15 pmUnit Break-out - MAYBE?  Introduce summary of activities for the day
Envisioning a caddie w/10-20 girls "Today's activities are the purple pages in the pack.  I'm exited about ___.  If you want, Mrs. Sticha's dance lesson is at 3:00.  See/hear you at closing at 6:00"
1:30 - 5:30  pmVarious Activities. Snack/Craft/Learnings.  Some of these can be quite simple, like cloud observation, or a coloring page
5:45 pm   Closing Ceremonies.  

Possible Programming Activity Framework

 Twilight at Home Activity Planning Sheet (possible framework for activity planning)
 Example Activity - Cloud Gazing (silly example of how we might think through an activity)

Twilight at Home Guiding Principles

We know we'll have some activities that may require parent help (using scissors for a craft; using microwave for a snack).  We definitely want to do some things as a big virtual group, like flag raising, recognizing Higher Award recipients, and "streaming live now - Haka Dance Lessons with Mrs. Sticha!").  Our communities are suffering from "home school fatigue" and "Zoom fatigue"..  Most activities should be something that happens in the back yard, in a girl's room, perhaps proctored and encouraged by caddies, but doable by the girl.
  • Minimize Parent Proctoring.  No accidental home school for Daisies and Brownie
  • Minimize Online Meetings.  We don’t want camp to be a six hour Zoom call.  
  • Minimize Cost.  $10?  $20?  With a T-Shirt and Patch?  Ish?
  • Asynchrous - Some activities can be real time but most should be doable at the girl's pace in an afternoon
  • Shared Success - We need to figure out a forum/story/blog/web service platform to share pictures, stories, completed work, and give praise and atta-girls.  
  • Inclusivity - This will be our hardest pivot.  Not every girl has access to technology, or a back yard, or hot glue guns.  Normally we can solve that by providing it at camp.  Our planning should embrace a continuum, with camp achievable through a packet in the mail but complimented with access to online experiences.
  • Girl Led/Girl Proctored - Have Caddies do as much as possible.  If we design something, let's have a girl lead it/make an example/record a video/make a one-pager.  They will need guard rails and adult supervision on meeting deadlines.

Possible T-Shirt Ideas