Everything we use to plan and run camp is stored in Microsoft OneDrive.  You'll need a personal Microsoft Account to edit the files on OneDrive if you don't have one.  Let Nick know the email address associated with your account and he'll grant you access.

Twilight Camp Promotion - Troop Presentations
Nick has some older girls running around town (click here for schedule) to deliver a promotional presentations to Daisy/Brownie/Junior troops. 

Virtual Activity Planning
Planning activities for a virtual experience is going to be very different that activities in a park!   Some guiding principles:
  • Minimize Parent Proctoring.  It’s ok if a few things need adult supervision, but we don't want to accidentally create a home school
  • Minimal Online Meetings.  We don’t want camp to be a six hour Zoom call.  We'll definitely have a few kickoff/check-in motions, like flag ceremonies or maybe song time, closing ceremonies, but most things should be happening in a back yard, her room, or at the kitchen table.
  • Asynchronous - Some activities may be real time but most should be doable at the girl's pace
  • Share Success - We need a "forum" - a photo stream, story, blog, hashtag, way to share completed work for encouragement and atta-girls.
  • Inclusivity - Not every girl has access to technology.  Our planning should embrace a continuum, with camp achievable through a offline packet of some kind, and complimented by online actiity.
  • Girl Led/Girl Proctored - Have Caddies do as much as possible.  If we design something, let's have a girl lead it/make an example/record a video/make a one-pager.  
These don't need to be perfect, there's no inspection, no auditing!  We want to avoid paying overnight shipping on supplies in July or panicking in camp cause a craft needs two hours to dry, or something like that! 


Activity Planning Steps
  1. Click the link below to open the Activity Planning Worksheet for your activity
  2. Click Edit Document > Edit in Browser in the title bar to make changes
Past Activity Examples
  • Knot Tying (good example of a craft with pre-camp work)
  • Pie Iron Snacks (good example an activity that needs beginning-of-day prep)
  • Sno Cones (good example of an activity with a STEM visual aid)
  • Veggie Pizza (good example of simple straight forward snack)
  • Wind Chimes (good example of activity with lots of steps)
  • Wind Energy (good example of supplies we need to order in advance)

Girl Scout Badges
Sometimes it's possible to complete all or part of a badge at Twilight Camp.  It's easier for Brownies and Juniors than the other level.  Two resources to assist with research: The GSUSA Badge Report lists every badge currently available.  It only lists high level requirements though, and lacks detail on how to complete.  There's a library of scanned PDFs of all the Brownie/Junior Cadette badges on our OneDrive that includes detailed requirements for each.  Finally, has a listing of all the "Council's Own" badges around the country.

Activity Planning and Experience Design
  E.D.G.E. Experience Design principles for camp activities (YouTube)

Purchasing Twilight Camp Activity Supplies
You can purchase supplies for Twilight Camp under Girl Scouts of MN and WI River Valley's tax-exempt status.  Print the instructions below and show the Certificate of Exemption to the cashier when you check out.  Turn in your receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.

 Fleet Farm Purchase Instructions(Bring this PDF, show to cashier, use Account #2015145049734000
 Office Depot Purchase Instructions (Bring this PDF, show to cashier, use Account #8012182749)
 MN Certificate of Tax Exemption (Target, Cub, Costco - Bring this PDF, show at checkout)

Site Activity Planning Worksheets
(we haven't assigned physical sites yet until we have a better sense of who needs what, e.g. if Renae needs to be close to the beach to build a hovercraft or something)

 SITE 3 - Activity C
 SITE 3 - Activity D

 SITE 2 -Activity B
 SITE 2 - Activity C
 SITE 2 - Activity D

 SITE 5 - Astronaut Pudding & Dried Fruit
 SITE 5 - Activity C

 SITE 4 - Activity B
 SITE 4 - Activity C

Sunday July 19 2020 | Camp Setup and Caddie Training
The goal for Sunday is to figure how where you're putting everything, let Andrew know if you need something, test any activities that need testing, and give the Caddies a preview of your site. The park is pretty quiet on weekday mornings, we've never had an issue leaving decorations/stations out, but do reccomend you consolidate things to a picnic table or two and throw a tarp over them.

TimeOlder Girl TeamCore Staff and PACs
2:00 pm
Meet at Site 5
 - Review Training
 - Set up
Equipment Team - Meet at Storage Locker
2:30 pm
Welcome & Sign In
 - Greet Caddies
 - Name Tags, Photos
3:00 pm
Caddie Team Building
 - Get-to-Know You Activities
 - Low Ropes Activities
Program Area Coordinators
 - Arrive any time
 - Being site setup, activity placement
3:30 pm
Leadership Training
 - Role-Specific
 - Unit and Programming Caddies
4:00 pm
Unit Logistics Training
 - Eight 10-Minute Stations
 - Groups of 4-8 Caddies
Program Area Coordinators
We'll send Program Caddies to the sites at this point to help set up[.
5:30 pm
Dinner Break
 - Sandwiches at Site 5
 - Adults welcome too
Dinner Break 
6:00 pm
Camp Tour
 6:00 - 6:20 - Group 1
 6:30 - 6:50 - Group 2
 7:00 - 7:20 - Group 3
 7:30 - 7:50 - Group 4
Show Off Your Site
 - Only 20 minutes
 - Four groups of 8-12 Caddies
 - Intro site, show examples of activities
 - Have them try one or help finish site
8:00 pm
Rally at Site 5 & Dismissal
Stow Site
 - Can leave things there overnight
 - Group gear into picnic table, put a tarp over it 
 - Take valuables home or store in kitchen