Why Volunteer at Twilight Camp?
It's a great experience and a wonderful way to make a positive impact in the life of a camper.  Parents and adults who have volunteered in the past have told us it's the best time they had all summer. 
We Need You!
Twilight Camp is completely volunteer run by parents and adults in the Northern Skies Service Unit. You don't need any experience with camping, outdoor skills, or nature - just a desire to help put on a great program for the campers.

Where am I needed most?
We have the greatest need for adults who can volunteer at camp for a full day and work with campers. Everything will be prepared for you; with older girls and program area directors in charge to provide assistance and guidance.

What are the Volunteer Opportunities do you have?
  • Unit Guides - Unit Guides are the adult chaperones for a Unit, assisting Caddies with any health or safety issues.  A good Unit Guide is a patient mentor of the Older Girls, can let the Caddies lead while offering support, and encourages the Unit as they participate in activities.  Unit Guides remain with their Unit thought the entire day and must volunteer two or four days.
  • Program Specialists - Program Specialists are the activity helpers, helping proctor a craft, snack or activity.  A good Program Specialist is enthusiastic, comfortable talking with children and teenagers, and willing to ensure Campers and Caddies participate in camp activities.  Program Specialists deliver the same activity several times a day, with materials, instructions, and a script provided.
  • Swim Watchers - Swim Watchers compliment the professional lifeguard staff at the beach.  A good Swim Watcher greets the units when they arrive, reminds Caddies of the Buddy System, and watches for any campers by themselves on the sand or in the water.  The Swim Watchers remain at the beach and get to visit with every unit in camp each day.
  • Camp Setup - Meet us in Chanhassen on Sunday Afternoon and help set up for camp.  We'll transport equipment into camp and set up gear at the sites.  Most of our gear is in large plastic bins; a mini van, pickup or SUV with folded seats is an ideal accessory for this role, but not required!
  • Camp Take Down - Join us Thursday evening at camp to bring equipment in from the sites, ensure everything is put away, and transport gear back our storage closet near Paisley Park.  Sorting, organizing, and rinsing things off!  A large vehicle helps here too, but again is not required - just a willingness to help!
  • Park Gate Attendant - Pass out parking permits on the first day of camp at the Lake Minnewashta park entrance to ensure we don't have a bottle neck at the gatehouse on the first day of camp.
  • Overnight Chaperone - Join the Older Girl Team and sleep under the stars!  Chaperone the Caddie overnight campout.  No overnight certification required, we just need a few additional adults.
  • Other Roles as Needed - Many hands make light work, having someone to can make a quick Target run, pick up photos, run a bag of ice to a site, and many other small jobs make camp fun and easy.  
I'm Interested! What do I Do?
Please register to volunteer now and we'll send a Sign-Up Genius in late spring with days/times/spots available so you can pick the volunteer assignments that meet your schedule and skill set.  Four-day volunteers receive free sibling care and a free t-shirt.  
If you have any questions, email us at info@twilightcamp.org and we'll be happy to provide more details.   

What's Up with the YouTube Video above?
Yeah, it's a little dated.  We keep meaning to re-record it.  Someday we will.  But we can say all the girls featured are now confident adults in successful academic and professional careers, with loving memories of their childhood and gratitude for all their parents did for them, simply because their parents volunteered at Twilight Camp!  :-)  (individual results may vary)