Twilight Camp 2020
Twilight at Home

We had to really change things up in 2020 with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.  In 2020 we held "Twilight at Home". Each participant received a Twilight at Home kit of activities, games, and crafts, designed and proctored by our older girl Caddies.  We also had an activity packet, camp t-shirt, and a participation patch.

Overall camp went pretty well, with several dozen girls sharing work from home, working with a "Quaranteam" of other girls, and encouraging eachother. Click any of the links below to see the Caddie video for that activity on YouTube. We had a lot of fun putting these together!

Camp Welcome Videos and Activity Kit

Caddie Activity Videos

Make a Girl Scout Law SWAP with a colored bead for each part of the Law.
Try the classic "ice cream in a bag" technique using a juice pouch.  Use a color changing cup to see if it works

Friendship Bracelet
Braid a friendship bracelet using a candy stripe or braid pattern.

Spiral Art
Make spiral art using a simple kit.

Sidewalk Chalk Art
Make something fun w/sidewalk chalk that includes yourself, a pet, or a family member.

Make a SWAP and learn how you can support epilepsy awareness.

Head outside with the micro telescope and hunt for things on a bingo sheet

Paint a mini sized watercolor painting on paper or canvas.

Make and then go through an chalk obstacle course. 

Make matching pins with safety pins and beads.  Put one one your shoelace and give another to a friend.

Find and tame a wild rock, and turn it into a pet.

Decorate a plastic plate w/stickers, then arrange rocks, water and fruit to attract butterflies. 

Make a paper chain with kindness thoughts or to give to a friend

Decorate a little pot, plant, and water nasturtium and alyssum flowers

Pick a few leaves and make leaf rubbing art with a paper and crayons.

Create a container that will protect an egg from cracking or breaking from a fall. 

Head outside, put down a towel or blanket, and look for shapes in the clouds.

Make a pretend micro-campfire with a battery powered tealight and construction paper.

Make a marble maze with a plate, paper, Wiki Stix, and drawing. 

Make a Solar Oven using aluminum foil, a box, and plastic wrap.  Melt a marshmallow or chocolate for a s'more 

Make mini constellations using paper cups and a flashlight.

Go camping indoors!  Make a fort/shelter, turn on your micro campfire, and watch the stars with constellation cups.