Thursday Morning Update
Last day!  What a great week!  You're doing fantastic!

Water - please take a sip of water every 15 minutes, AND every time you start/stop/transition an activity.  Some campers are getting headaches/stomach aches from not drinking enough.

Rain - There might be rain.  We continue during rain; if there is lightning go under a shelter (or to the nearest if on the trail)

Awards - We're passing out leadership awards tonight - make sure these make it into your backpack!

Campfire/Camp Out - If you haven't turned in a permission slip you still can - do it ASAP. 

  • Units 4/5/6 -- Maria, Maddie, Anna, Augustine, Hailey, Juliana, Heather, Maggie, Jocelyn - you have Opening Flags
  • Units 1/2/3 - Rebecca, Jennifer, Taylor, Alexa, Live, Iris, Alissa, Helayna Emily, Ava - you have closing flags and unit songs
  • Units 8 - Katie is coming late (4:30) and will join you then
  • Unit 14 - Becca/Josie, Abby Walsh will join you again today
  • Units 16/17/18 - Please remind your girls about Maddie Marusich's gold award project this weekend
See you at camp!

Wednesday Morning Update
Hey all!  We're at the halfway point in camp!  Apologies for any emotional trauma caused by Nick's attempts at singing and flossing earlier this week.  Please visit First Aid if you still feel nauseous or need to talk to a therapist. We've asked him to stop.

Two extra presentations at closing tonight: Site 3 Cully Fest, Annika/Megan you're up!  Shannon/Lucy, some of the girls in Unit 11 are doing a presentation their troop made on healthy outdoor living. 

Units 9/10 - Lilly, Cecilia, Libby, Hannah - you've got opening flags!

Other Stuff: Units 7/8/9 - Anna, Rebecca, Anna, Violet, Lilly, Ceclia - the third graders seem to be the most rambunctious. We'll spend extra time checking in today.  Unit 14, Becca/Josie, we may be swapping people on you to cover Daisy.

Overall camp is going fantastic.  Units are operating great, programming activies are well proctored and presented.  Be sure to let us know how it's going.  Let us know how it's actually going.  We're here for you!

See you at camp!

- Older Girl Team

Tuesday Morning Update
Hi girls! Great job yesterday!  No major issues, but I noticed some campers had trouble settling in. We'll be coming around today to check in.  PLEASE ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF.  It's ok to ask for help.  Be ready with:
  • "I need a break" - Let us know if you need to step away for a few minutes (rest, restroom, just breathe)
  • "I need help" - Let is know if you need help especially with transitions (starting/stopping an activity)
  • "Camper help needed" - Sometimes one camper (tired, homesick, disruptive) can throw off the whole unit. Let us know, we'll sit with her for a bit.

Unit Caddies - Don't Forget
  1. Turn in any remaining AtlAtl waivers at Caddie Corner
  2. Turn in the Attendance Card each day at First Aid, even if everyone is here (new this year)
  3. Check in with the Swim Watcher at the beach when you arrive/depart (new this year)
  4. Turn in a permission slip and money if you're staying for the Campfire and/or Campout on Thursday
The beach swim watcher is an adult volunteer standing around with a white binder - I'll see if we can figure out a way to indicate her a little better so you know who she is - that person is changing every day.  Sorry, it's a little awkward at the moment!

Programming Caddies - Don't Forget
  • Welcome each unit and introduce yourself
  • Let us know if you have any bumps with volunteer (some may not be used to working alongside people your age)
  • Huddle with Unit Caddies and let campers know when they have 5 minutes, 1 minutes, 30 seconds left to help with transitions

See you at camp!
- Nick

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Schedule Screenshots
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Use the printed schedules in front of campers.
Thursday Campfire/Campout
If you're camping out Thursday you need to sign up in advance to let Nick know if you're bringing a tent, using a Girl Scout tent (first come first served) and who you're tenting with. Sign Up Here

Older Girl Confirmation Letter
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Campfire and Overnight
Optional, campfire Thur 8-10pm, overnight 10pm - 8pm

Older Girl Team

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Claire Roth, Older Girl Staff, 952.217.0217,

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